Women and Children First have a vision where all women and children should have good health and mothers and newborn babies no longer die from conditions that are treatable or preventable.  Their work in six countries worldwide has reduced a woman's chance of dying due to pregnancy or childbirth by up to 50% and reduces the chances of newborns dying by 33%.  Working alongside a local partner Maikhanda in rural Malawi, I photographed and interviewed women who were engaged in local women's groups.  The belief of Maikhanda is that all the knowledge and support a woman needs during her pregnancy is already within the community.  Women are actively encouraged to give birth in local health centres and if necessary, the community helps to pay for costs by selling vegetables from their community gardens.  The women continue to spread messages of health to other members of their community by painting health related messages on the sides of their houses using naturally coloured muds and pigments.  www.womenandchildrenfirst.org.uk