AVERT has been at the forefront of the HIV response since 1986, their website shares impartial information reaching thousands of people across the world every day.  Many elderly grandparents in South Africa have become primary caregivers to their grandchildren due to the middle generation dying from AIDS or from their children leaving to find employment elsewhere.  This extra burden in later life has left the elderly feeling disempowered, abused and many had lost their established roles in the community.  AVERT has partnered up with Sisonke in South Africa to support community projects.  'Sisonke' a Zulu word meaning 'we are all together’ is run for the community by the community and empowers elderly caregivers by creating strong networks and building confidences to become more engaged in society.  Sisonke also puts a strong emphasis on encouraging the use of a garden plot, growing vegetables puts the grandparents in a better financial position to support their families so they need not solely rely on state pensions.  www.avert.org