'Miners at Manda Maweni' is a current work in progress documenting the lives and labour of the miners at Manda Maweni coral mines.  Manda island is situated off the north eastern coast of Kenya.  Coral blocks have been mined for centuries along the Swahili coastline but the coral mines at Maweni specifically serve the demand for building materials on the nearby island of Lamu, a World UNESCO heritage site.  The miners who settle in the village of Maweni (population 800) are predominately from the Luo, Kikuyu and Giriama tribes, the work is incredibly physical and demanding.  To reach the coral the miners chip and break away layer upon layer of top soil and hard core for days, often weeks, before they can begin to harvest the softer lucrative coral for trade. The miners can earn up to $10 per day for their harvest.  With the advent of power tools used in other mines within Kenya, this method of cutting the blocks by hand using rudimentary hand tools could soon be a thing of the past.